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Dr. Cameron's quote "Intelligence isn't knowing everything it is knowing where to find the answers"...

Why Attend a SEMINAR?
  • To provide a competitive advantage by enhancing business performance
  • To contribute to increased productivity and staff retention
  • It will benefit you and the organization, as a whole, and thereby will impact the bottom line of the organization
  • Learn to reduce costs to the organization; therefore, the reduction can be included when measuring the return on investment (ROI)

Why Attend a CAMERON SEMINAR? Some seminars may warn you to be weary of other programs, and some go into paragraphs on why you should choose them. I WELCOME competition and will tell you that many excellent seminars exist. It is up to you to make the intelligent decision of which class to attend based on your schedule, the pricing you can afford, location, and recommendations and the reputation of the Instructor. Instructions from a customer oriented instructor with 30 years teaching and a SC Property Manager license and a PA licensed real estate agent –one who “practices what is being preached” in the classroom.

Giving Back! - A % of the proceeds of each seminar will be donated to The Children’s Institute in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh PA.

Seminar Structure: The 777 Business Program is presented in three seminars with each being four hours in length. The HOA Series seminars are structured so each book will be discussed in a two hour lecture. Each seminar has a Q&A session at the end of the class. An evaluation form will be distributed at the completion of each seminar. As a thank you for completing the evaluation a door prize will be drawn from those completed entries. The seminar will be a warm, friendly and professional discussion of the subject material. Interaction with peers and the instructor is encouraged.

Cancellation Policy: Cameron Seminars reserves the right to cancel any seminar and refund your money in full. A registered student may cancel 30 days prior to the date of the event with a deduction of a $25.00 processing fee. When a cancellation is less than 30 days prior to the event the registered student has the opportunity to send a substitute, or receive a credit towards another Cameron Seminars training session. If a student must leave during a seminar due to sickness or emergency the student can attend at another time for no extra charge.

CAMERON SEMINARS can teach at your location!

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